St Breward Stores

St Breward Stores

St. Breward Stores – The Friendly Village Shop

Let us help you make a more enjoyable start to your holiday.  Arrive with the knowledge that you will not need to rush to a shop because waiting for you will be enough provisions to start your holiday. St Breward Stores and Off-licence is situated in the centre of the village.  We stock a wide range of goods, including locally produced bread, milk, cheese, clotted cream, pasties, fresh fruit and vegetables, bacon and cold meats.  We sell our goods at recommended retail prices and each month we have a minimum of 10 items on promotion at very special prices.

Located within the shop is a North Cornwall Heritage Coast and Countryside Service information point. Our off-licence carries a wide range of spirits, wines, beers, lagers and ciders, all at very reasonable prices.  Why not celebrate a special occasion with a good bottle of champagne?

We’ll be pleased to supply your immediate grocery requirements.  Listed on this site is only a selection from items stocked, if you require anything not listed, just add it to your list on the next page and we’ll do our very best to supply it.  Complete and return your “shopping list” to St Breward Stores by post or the email form provided to arrive no later than the Thursday prior to your visit.  Your order will be delivered to your accommodation ready for your arrival. Our prices are competitive but please feel free to phone or email if you would like a quote before you place your order. Do not send any money now, simply call into the shop to pay during your stay.

We hope you enjoy your holiday.

Christine & Denis Lusby.

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